Our fee promise.

  • It is completely free to sell your property with Hammer Price Homes. There are no agency fees, no catches, the buyer pays a reservation fee on winning the auction. 
  • No hidden fees guaranteed. It is completely free to register, please follow the process below.

1Create account

Create a seller account by clicking below and follow our easy step by step process.

2Set Reserve Price

Agree Reserve Price (the asking price, normally based on valuations taken) with us. The property won't sell unless it meets or exceeds the Reserve Price. In the event that the price achieved falls short then you can always consider accepting the highest bid attained.

3Provide the relevant property details

Our sales support team will let you know what information is required. This will include proof of ownership and your I.D. Be rest assured that your information will only be shared with third parties if in the course of business (e.g. if you win an auction your details will need passing on to conveyancers)

4Compilation of the property listing

This is handled fully by the Hammer Price Homes sales support team. This includes professional photography, floorplans, EPC and the property description.

5Marketing process

Once the listing is prepared and has your approval we will commence marketing. We market on our website, Rightmove and Zoopla and put up a property board. We market for 4 weeks and host open days so that prospective buyers can view. We host all buyer enquiries. The bidding window (The Auction) open for the last 3 days of this 4 weeks process.


At the end of the auction the highest bidder, so long as they have met or exceeded the reserve price wins the auction. Upon payment of our reservation fee we will issue the memorandum of sale to all parties, including the solicitors, starting the conveyancing process (up to 90 days). We stay involved until the sale completes and you are in funds.

Looking to sell?

Please call the Hammer Price Homes team on: 020 3814 1888

Have any questions?

Proceed to Seller's FAQ and learn more about the process.

Have any questions?

Interested in buying?

Check out buyer instructions or browse properties.

Interested in selling?

Useful information

When a bid is placed in the closing minutes of an auction it can prevent serious buyers missing out on a purchase.

This practice of 'sniping' leaves both buyers and sellers unsatisfied. For this reason we have developed an anti-sniping tool and incorporated it into our website.

If a bid is placed during the last 5 minutes of an auction, the deadline will automatically be reset to 5 minutes, giving other bidders time to react. This will continue until no further bids are placed.

Auctions often extend due to bids being placed during anti sniping time. Please note that new bidders cannot join an auction after the original scheduled finish time.

Our process closes on the final bid so won't allow for gazumping. We will issue a 'Memorandum of Sale' once our fee is received which is proof that a sale has been agreed.

Although the seller isn't legally bound to sell by this document, our T&C's mean that should a seller give back word then they will incur a financial penalty which has proven to significantly reduce the risk of a sale that’s been agreed falling through.

Over 95% of all winning bids have been honoured by Hammer Price Homes sellers.

Our service is totally FREE to the seller, subject to our terms and conditions. We charge the buyer a reservation fee of 3.6% inc. VAT). Subject to a minimum fee of £3,600 inc. VAT).

How much could you save with Hammer Price Homes?

Set your selling price£200,000
Set typical estate agent's commission1.50%
Our fee£0*
Your total saving:£3,000

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